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Usman Shaikh



“I found Abhi to be a great service for the employees that allows them to fulfill their cash needs on time and ease the employer’s burden on cash flows. It is a creative solution that is beneficial to both parties without going into the hassle of following lengthy procedures for advances. We recommend Abhi as a useful partner for businesses”

Sana Zafar

Assistant Manager HR

Frontier Technology Institute

“My organization partnered up with Abhi in order to provide me with the service in Pakistan. Using their services was easy and convenient. The hassle-free transactions are worth trying.”

Jamil Akbar


TPL Properties

“The ability to pull down salary on-demand at any point in a month is super handy. It has provided me and our employees the flexibility to address our needs when necessary on a number of occasions already!”

Mateen Raza


Booster SMC

“We have been using ABHI for a couple of months and my team is loving it, Just because of ABHI now we don’t need to worry about advance salaries.”

Bilal Javed

Finance Manager

Changan Yazdani Motors

“Abhi is a great solution to help employees get money they have earned. Abhi helped us improve employee retention and morale in the organization. They are a great team to work with, always there to help!”

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